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Codecademy: Teaching New Coders Online for Free: Video

Bloomberg, 05/23/14

The Startup That’s Bringing Coding to the World’s Classrooms | Business | WIRED

Wired, 05/22/14

Codecademy Expands Overseas, Despite No Plans to Monetize

Forbes, 05/22/14

Codecademy goes global, introduces new languages

CNN, 05/22/14

Codecademy Offers Learn to Code Site in French, Spanish, Portuguese

The Next Web, 05/22/14

Codecademy goes global: Do other countries care more about coding education than the US?

Pando Daily, 05/22/14

Codecademy opens its doors in the UK to teach children coding skills

The Guardian, 05/22/14

Codecademy Takes Its Free Coding Lessons Worldwide

Mashable, 05/22/14

Codecademy Takes Its Online Learning Portal To The UK, France, Brazil, Estonia And Argentina | TechCrunch

Techcrunch, 05/22/14

Codecademy gets a major redesign to take the pain out of learning how to code

Venturebeat, 04/23/14

With 24 Million Students, Codecademy Is Bigger Than You Thought

Forbes, 04/23/14

Codecademy Unveils Gorgeous Redesign of its 'Learn to Code' Site

The Next Web, 04/23/14

Codecademy to launch redesign, new features to help you get a job

Pando Daily, 04/23/14

Codecademy Moves To Be A One-Stop-Shop For Programming Education | TechCrunch

Techcrunch, 04/23/14

Codecademy Redesigns Website To Focus On Project-Based Learning

Fast Company, 04/23/14

Codecademy Releases Its First Educational App, A.K.A. My New Subway Time Killer

Techcrunch, 12/09/13

How Codecademy is Helping Teachers Get Programming into the Classroom

The Next Web, 10/18/13

Codecademy’s Zach Sims Talks Education 2.0 And Learning To Code At DLD

Techcrunch, 01/20/13

Codecademy Launches API Lessons So You Can Build Apps On Top Of YouTube, Twilio, And Others

Techcrunch, 01/09/13

Codecademy Adds Python Lessons, Promises More Server-Side Languages

Techcrunch, 07/30/12