Errors are simply unavoidable when you develop a program, yet the final program must be free of errors, or at least free of errors that we consider unacceptable for it.

There are many ways of classifying errors. For example:

  • Compile-time errors: Errors found by the compiler. We can further classify compile-time errors based on which language rules they violate, for example:
    • Syntax errors
    • Type errors
  • Link-time errors: Errors found by the linker when it is trying to combine boject files into an executable program.
  • Run-time errors: Errors found by checks in a running program. We can further classify run-time errors.
  • Logic errors: Errors found by the programmer looking for the causes of erroneous results.

As you recall, the programming process looks like:

The Process

The errors above occurs at these places:

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