Ride Optimization

Designing an optimized algorithm for ride-sharing is no easy task.

Ride Optimization

We’re turning our celebrity Lyft driver series into a full-blown new feature. This feature will only be available to our most pro-social passengers—shared riders. In order to develop this feature. We’ll need to learn more about how shared-ride optimization works.

Working in Android Studio

We’ll be working on the Android app for this project, so make sure you’re comfortable working with Android Studio:


Figure I. Generate a Constructor Using Code Generation

To begin generating code, use the following keyboard shortcut while your editing area (A-4) is in focus:

  • Windows + Linux: ALT + Insert
  • OS X: CMD + N

Check out the Lyft Android Studio Quick Start Guide for more tips and tricks

Integrating Artificial Intelligence

AI is already being used at Lyft and extensively throughout the planet.

For this project we’re going to be using all of your fullstack development and deep learning skills to create a brand new feature from front to back.

React and Redux Basics

Instead of using vanilla React, it’s going to be important that you adhere to Lyft’s React best practices. Take special note of the fact that we strictly use hooks. We’re confident any lifecycle methods that aren’t deprecated yet could become so at any minute.