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What comes next?

Learn about where to take your skills after this intensive!

Congratulations! You’ve learned so much about the powerful, flexible, and fast scripting language of the world wide web. Hopefully you’ve come to love JavaScript as much as we do. You’ve learned important developer skills like programming logic and principles, using documentation, debugging, and writing clean code. But there’s always more to learn!

To continue on your JavaScript journey, we recommend you complete the classes, modules, and requests lessons! These are more advanced concepts, but will serve the foundations you learned during this intensive.

If you’re interested in creating interactive websites, you’ll want to make sure you’re confident in your HTML, CSS, and the DOM.

For more advanced functionality, you can explore a library like JQuery. We definitely recommend you dive into more advanced JavaScript concepts. By learning about classes and inheritance, you’ll be able to design your code to be more object-oriented. You’ll also be set up to explore powerful frameworks like React!

There was an era when JavaScript was restricted to front-end development: programming the parts of the web you can see and interact in a browser. That’s not true anymore! JavaScript can now be used to create servers and interact with databases—concepts known as backend development.

If you find yourself fascinated with “thinking like a computer” and solving conceptual programming problems, there’s tons to explore in that realm. In this case you’ll want to learn advanced JavaScript concepts we mentioned earlier: asyncronicity, modules, and requests. This understanding will set you up to learn the flexible server framework Express. To round out your backend toolkit, you’ll want to learn how to store and access data with SQL. You’ll be able to integrate your database capabilities with your JavaScript chops by using a database engine like SQLite with Node.

Whether you choose to specialize in front-end or back-end, continue on the web development path to becoming a full-stack engineer, or pivot to something completely new in the world of programming, we hope you’re excited to be a coder. The key to becoming a great programmer is to keep doing it. We’re so excited to see where you go from here!

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