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StreetEasy Dataset

Machine Learning Fundamentals & Data Science Path

StreetEasy is New York City’s leading real estate marketplace — from studios to high-rises, Brooklyn Heights to Harlem.

We have partnered with the StreetEasy Research team for the Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) lesson, and you will be working with a .csv file that contains a sample of 5,000 rentals listings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. You’ll find the correlations between several features and the rent, build/evaluate a MLR model, and use the model to present interesting findings:

  • “Does having a washer/dryer in unit increase the price of rent?”
  • “How costly is living by a subway station in Brooklyn/Queens?”
  • And most importantly, “Is a tenant over or underpaying?”
Samples Total 5000
Dimensionality 20
Features text & real, positive

It has the following fields:

  • rental_id - rental ID
  • building_id - building ID
  • rent - price of rent ($)
  • bedrooms - number of bedrooms
  • bathrooms - number of bathrooms
  • size_sqft - size (ft²)
  • min_to_subway - subway station (min)
  • floor - floor number
  • building_age_yrs - building age (year)
  • no_fee - has no broker fee (0/1)
  • has_roofdeck - has roof deck (0/1)
  • has_washer_dryer - has in-unit washer/dryer (0/1)
  • has_doorman - has doorman (0/1)
  • has_elevator - has elevator (0/1)
  • has_dishwasher - has dishwasher (0/1)
  • has_patio - has patio (0/1)
  • has_gym - has gym (0/1)
  • neighborhood - neighborhood (ex: Greenpoint)
  • submarket - submarket (ex: North Brooklyn)
  • borough - borough (ex: Brooklyn)

To understand the data better, take a look at the apartments on StreetEasy:

Streeteasy Ad

Thank you StreetEasy for this partnership and especially:

If you would like to follow along this lesson off-platform (locally on your computer), you can download the .csv file from our GitHub [download].

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