Why Learn JavaScript for Corvid?

Corvid allows you to add even more functionality to your website - learn how to write JavaScript to make it work for you.

JavaScript the Language of the Web

HTML provides the structure of a webpage and CSS adds the styling — Wix handles both of this for us by creating pre-styled elements that make up the webpage. However, one thing you still need to learn is JavaScript, because that is what makes webpages interactive!

That means anything that you do that triggers some other action is a likely result of someone writing JavaScript code to create that action — things like clicking the like button on a post, selecting specific filters for clothes you want to buy, and so many other things!

To push your Wix site to its fullest potential, you’ll need to write JavaScript in Corvid, Wix’s web development platform.

Using JavaScript with Corvid

In this module, you’ll start with the basics of JavaScript. That means getting to know the fundamental syntax, how to print to the terminal, and how to declare variables.

By the end of this course, you will have expanded your skills to use conditionals, functions, a variety of data types including arrays and objects, among many other foundational programming concepts!

After learning new JavaScript syntax and usage, you’ll practice these skills in Corvid specific projects. You’ll equip yourself, bit by bit, with the means to create a professional site on Wix. You’ll also get an introduction into the wonderful world of programming!