Codecademy Pro Path Updates

As we continue to update our courses and expand our content library, we’re making some updates to Codecademy Pro paths effective August 16th, 2017.

Coding Intro We’re retiring the ‘Coding Intro’ path. If you are currently enrolled in this path you will be upgraded to the new ‘Front-End’ path (below). Additionally, you are always encouraged to speak to our Codecademy Advisors for recommendations on how to customize your path to better fit your goals.

Front-End Path With the release of updates HTML, CSS and JavaScript courses, we’re updating the Front-End Developer path to now include ReactJS:

Updates to Front-End Developer Path

Full-Stack Path Similarly, we’re updating the Full-Stack path to include the newer versions of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and ReactJS:

Updates to Front-End Developer Path

We’re continuously looking for your feedback to improve both Codecademy Pro and the Codecademy experience as a whole. Please reach out with any comments, questions or concerns!