Removing Teacher Tools

On Friday, August 25th 2017 we removed Codecademy Teacher Tools, so that we can rebuild them from the ground up. Our goal is to launch a full-fledged educator product suite some time next year, giving educators a full, robust set of tools you can use to bring Codecademy into your classroom.

This decision was motivated by our initiative to update our platform and add new content. Our previous blog post outlines some of the value of these content changes—in short, we’re excited to cover brand-new languages/frameworks and far more advanced topics in subjects we already teach. Updating our platform will allow us to more effectively host our growing suite of courses and make improvements to the terrain we ultimately cover.

While we’re proud of what Teacher Tools has meant for so many people, the resource was incompatible with our currently evolving infrastructure. As a result, we couldn’t make improvements to Teacher Tools or even keep it active as currently constructed. Many members of our team are in fact former K-12 teachers, and everyone at Codecademy HQ is passionate about making education accessible. In the next year, we look forward to bringing you a full-fledged educator product suite that will be a notable improvement over what had been in circulation.

In the interim, we recommend using Google Classroom to bring Codecademy content into your classroom. We’ve outlined instructions in our help center to facilitate this transition.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!