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Graphs: Python
Building the Vertex II

We’ll continue building out the Vertex class. Remember, it’s responsible for knowing which other vertices are connected. These connections are the edges of our graph implementation.

A key in the Vertex instance’s edges dictionary represents a connection to that other vertex. For now, we can just set the value to be True.

grand_central = Vertex('Grand Central Station') forty_second_street = Vertex('42nd Street Station') print(grand_central.get_edges()) # [] grand_central.add_edge(forty_second_street) print(grand_central.edges) # { "42nd Street Station": True } print(grand_central.get_edges()) # ["42nd Street Station"]

Let’s add this functionality to our Vertex class!



Within Vertex, define the method .add_edge() that takes self, and vertex as arguments. The vertex argument will be the .value of another instance of Vertex.

In the body, print “Adding edge to “ + vertex.


Use the vertex as a key within self.edges and set it to True.


Use .add_edge() to assign forty_second_street.value as an edge of grand_central.

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