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Introduction to Functions
Multiple Return Values

Sometimes we may want to return more than one value from a function. We can return several values by separating them with a comma:

def square_point(x_value, y_value): x_2 = x_value * x_value y_2 = y_value * y_value return x_2, y_2

This function takes in an x value and a y value, and returns them both, squared. We can get those values by assigning them both to variables when we call the function:

x_squared, y_squared = square_point(1, 3) print(x_squared) print(y_squared)

This will print:

1 9



Write a function called get_boundaries() that takes in two parameters, a number called target and a number called margin.

It should create two variables:

  • low_limit: target minus the margin
  • high_limit: margin added to target

Return both low_limit and high_limit from the function, in that order.


Call the function on the target 100 with a margin of 20. Save the returned values to variables called low and high.

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