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While Loops

We now have seen and used a lot of examples of for loops. There is another type of loop we can also use, called a while loop. The while loop performs a set of code until some condition is reached.

While loops can be used to iterate through lists, just like for loops:

dog_breeds = ['bulldog', 'dalmation', 'shihtzu', 'poodle', 'collie'] index = 0 while index < len(dog_breeds): print(dog_breeds[index]) index += 1

Every time the condition of the while loop (in this case, index < len(dog_breeds)) is satisfied, the code inside the while loop runs.

While loops can be useful when you don’t know how many iterations it will take to satisfy a condition.



You are adding students to a Poetry class, the size of which is capped at 6. While the length of the students_in_poetry list is less than 6, use .pop() to take a student off the all_students list and add it to the students_in_poetry list.


Print the students_in_poetry list .

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