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Working with Lists in Python
Selecting List Elements II

What if we want to select the last element of a list?

We can use the index -1 to select the last item of a list, even when we don’t know how many elements are in a list.

Consider the following list with 5 elements:

list1 = ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e']

If we select the -1 element, we get the final element, 'e':

>>> print(list1[-1]) 'e'

This is the same as selecting the element with index 4:

>>> print(list1[4]) 'e'



Use print and len to display the length of shopping_list.


Get the last element of shopping_list using the -1 index. Save this element to the variable last_element.


Now select the element with index 5 and save it to the variable element5.


Use print to display both element5 and last_element.

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