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Deploy Your Website to GitHub Pages
Create A GitHub Account

There are many different ways to deploy a website to the public Internet. In this unit, we’ll use GitHub Pages to deploy your website.

GitHub Pages is a service offered by GitHub. Specifically, GitHub Pages are public webpages that are hosted and published through GitHub.

Why GitHub Pages? In the last unit, we generated a site using Jekyll. GitHub Pages offers extensive integration and support for Jekyll. By using both, you’ll benefit from:

  • Easy setup
  • Troubleshooting your site
  • Updating and maintaining your site

Note: Remember, it is possible to follow all of the steps outlined in this course with your own content — just make sure that your HTML is inside of a file called index.html (a GitHub Pages requirement).


To succesfully deploy your site, you will need a GitHub account.

In your own browser:

  1. Start a new tab
  2. Navigate to
  3. Create an account

If you already have GitHub account, continue to the next exercise.

After signing up, be sure to verify your e-mail address.

Note: The content to the right is a video. You can play the video if you’d like to view a demonstration of the instructions. You’ll come across more videos like this throughout the rest of the course.

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