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Adding Images

Why Images Matter

This entire course you've focused on adding content that you've authored, like headings, paragraphs, lists, and more. Much of this content is text-heavy, by nature. As you've no doubt seen, most web pages are not text-heavy, they make extensive use of great looking images to improve the user's experience on the site.

In the very beginning of the course, we taught you how to add images to your web page using the <img> element. While this technique is still valid, it's possible to also add images (and style them) to a website and style them using CSS techniques. The aim of this unit will be to teach you how to add images to your web page by using a variety of techniques.

Let's begin!


Take a look at the code in index.html and style.css. What new code do you see?

Explore with the code in this file and try modifying something at random. What happened?

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