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Border Style

It's not possible to view a box's border if the border's style has not been set. A border's style can be set with the border-style property. This property can take on one of the following values:

  1. solid - border is a solid line.
  2. dashed - border is a series of lines or dashes.
  3. dotted - border is a series of square dots.
  4. double - border is two solid black lines.
  5. groove - border is a groove (or carving).
  6. inset - border appears to cut into the screen.
  7. outset - border appears to pop out of the screen.
  8. ridge - border appears as a picture frame.
  9. hidden or none - no border.
div { border-style: solid; }

In the example above, a solid black line will appear around all divs on the page.

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