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Headings in HTML can be likened to headings in other types of media. For example, in newspapers, large headings are typically used to capture a reader's attention. Other times, headings are used to describe content, like the title of a movie or an educational article.

HTML follows a similar pattern. In HTML, there are six different headings, or heading elements. Headings can be used for a variety of purposes, like titling sections, articles, or other forms of content.

The following is the list of heading elements available in HTML. They are ordered from largest to smallest in size.

  1. <h1> - used for main headings, all other smaller headings are used for subheadings.
  2. <h2>
  3. <h3>
  4. <h4>
  5. <h5>
  6. <h6>

The following example code uses a headline intended to capture a reader's attention. It uses the largest heading available, the main heading element:

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