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The CSS Setup

Review: CSS Setup

Great job! You learned how to link an HTML file and a CSS file together.

Let's review what you've learned so far:

1. HTML and CSS are kept in separate files in order to keep code maintainable and readable, as well as keep structure separate from styling.

2. The <style> element allows you to write CSS code within an HTML file.

3. A CSS stylesheet can be linked to an HTML file using the <link> element, which requires three attributes:

  • href - set equal to the path of the CSS file.
  • type - set equal to text/css.
  • rel - set equal to stylesheet.

In this lesson, you learned about the two different places in which you can write CSS code, but you didn't write any CSS code at all.

In the next lesson, you'll learn about the basic structure and syntax of CSS so that you can start using CSS on your own.

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