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Now that you know how to label HTML elements with an ID, we can style that specific element in the stylesheet.

In a previous lesson, you learned how to target HTML elements with element selectors, like so:

p { font-size: 10px; font-color: #A091DD; }

Remember, however, that an element selector like the one in the example above would targets all paragraphs on the web page. In the example above, all paragraphs are styled to have a font size of 10 pixels and a font color of #A091DD.

To style a specific element labeled with an ID, you can use an ID selector in the stylesheet.

#botswana { background-color: #56ABFF; }

In the example above, the HTML element with an ID of botswana is targeted with the ID selector #botswana.

All ID selectors begin with the octothorpe character: #. The value of the ID immediately follows the octothorpe. Once you've correctly targeted the element, you can proceed to style it as usual.

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