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Classes, IDs, & Divs

Review: IDs, Classes, & Divs

Great job! You learned how to organize HTML with classes, IDs, and divs.

Let's review what you've learned so far:

  1. Code is a lot more readable when it is organized using IDs, classes, and divs.
  2. IDs label HTML elements that are unique to the web page (an element that appears only once).
  3. Classes label elements that will share the same styling. They make styling more efficient.
  4. The <div> groups elements together. It makes the HTML file easier to read by organizing the web page into logical sections.
  5. HTML elements can be labeled with multiple classes.
  6. Divs are one of the most commonly used HTML elements. Understanding how they are used is a critical skill for web developers.

In this unit, you learned how to organize code with IDs, classes, and divs. The remainder of this course will use these concepts extensively, so it's important to have a strong understanding of them.


Take some time to experiment with your new knowledge of IDs, classes, and divs in index.html and style.css. When you're done, you can proceed to the next unit.

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