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Ternary Operator

In the previous exercise, we learned shorthand for writing multiple if/else if/else statements to make them easier to read. JavaScript also provides a way to shorten simple if/else statements called the ternary operator.

let isNightTime = true; if (isNightTime) { console.log('Turn on the lights!'); } else { console.log('Turn off the lights!'); }

In the example above, we see a very familiar pattern. See the example below for an equivalent way to express this.

isNightTime ? console.log('Turn on the lights!') : console.log('Turn off the lights!');

The code in the example above will operate exactly as the code from the previous example. Let's break this example into its parts:

  1. isNightTime ? — the conditional statement followed by a question mark. This checks if isNightTime is truthy.
  2. console.log ('Turn on the lights!') — this code will be executed if the condition is truthy.
  3. : — a colon separates the two different blocks of code that can be executed.
  4. console.log('Turn off the lights!'); — this code will be executed if the condition is falsy

In this example, we checked if the value of a variable was true or false. The ternary operator can be used for any condition that can be evaluated to true or false, such as those with comparison operators.

age >= 16 ? console.log('You are old enough to drive in the United States!') : console.log('You are not old enough to drive in the United States!');

In the example above, the conditional statement is checking whether the value of the variable age is greater than or equal to 16. If so, a message that states the user is old enough to drive will be logged to the console. Otherwise, a message that states the user is not old enough to drive will be logged.

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