Create a Variable: const

Let's dive in and see a variable in the wild. Here is how you declare a constant variable:

const myName = 'Arya'; console.log(myName); // Output: Arya

Let's consider the example above:

  1. const, short for constant, is a JavaScript keyword that creates a new variable with a value that cannot change.
  2. myName is the variable's name. Notice that the word has no spaces, and we capitalized the N. Capitalizing in this way is a standard convention in JavaScript called camelCasing, because the capital letters look like the humps on a camel's back.
  3. = is the assignment operator. It assigns the value ('Arya') to the variable (myName).
  4. 'Arya' is the value assigned (=) to the variable myName.

After the variable is declared, we can print 'Arya' to the console with: console.log(myName).

You can save any data type in a variable. For example, here we save numbers:

const myAge = 11; console.log(myAge); // Output: 11

In the example above, on line 1 the myAge variable is set to 11. Below that, console.log() is used to print 11 to the console.

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