Control flow

Review Control Flow

Way to go! We just learned a lot of control flow concepts:

  • if/else statements make binary decisions and execute separate code based on a condition.
  • We can add extra conditions with to if/else statements with else if conditions.
  • switch statements make complicated if/else statements easier to read, however they achieve the same result as if/else statements.
  • Comparison operators, like <, >, <=, and >= can compare two variables. After they compare, they always return either true or false.
  • Logical Operators, like &&, ||, !==, and !, can compare two variables to see if a certain condition exists:
    • && checks if both sides are true.
    • || checks if either side is true.
    • !== checks if both sides are not equal.
    • ! changes a variable that is true to false, and vice versa.

In the next lesson, we'll learn about functions, and how to write blocks of code that are reusable.


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