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Traversing the DOM


To select an element close to the current element, we can use jQuery's .closest() method.

The .closest() method will travel up the DOM tree to find a specified selector closest to it. Its syntax looks like:


In the example above:

  • The .closest() method is called on '.example-class' elements.
  • The method then targets the element selected by the .closest() method with a class of '.another-class'.
<div class='.another-class'> <p class='.example-class-one'>1</p> </div> <div class='.another-class'> <p class='.example-class-two'>2</p> </div>

Given this HTML, the jQuery above would select the <div> element that wraps the paragraph with a value of 1, because it is the closest element, up the DOM tree, with the class .another-class.

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