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Traversing the DOM

Review: Traversing the DOM

Understanding how elements relate to each other in the DOM makes it easy to efficiently select elements. We have covered several methods in this lesson including:

  • .children() to target an element's child elements.
  • .siblings() to target elements adjacent to an element.
  • .parent() to target an element's parent.
  • .closest() travels up the DOM tree from the current element to target the closest element with a given selector.
  • .next() to target the element immediately following the selected element.
  • .prev() to target the element that is immediately preceding the selected element.
  • .find() to target descendant elements by some selector, ie- class, id, tag etc.

In addition to these methods, there are even more, including .prevUntil(), .nextUntil() and others. To get an idea, check out Mozilla Developer Network reference for jQuery Traversing.

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