Overriding methods is really useful in some cases but sometimes we want to add some extra logic to the existing method. In order to do that we need a way to call the method from the parent class. Python gives us a way to do that using super().

super() gives us a proxy object. With this proxy object, we can invoke the method of an object’s parent class (also called its superclass). We call the required function as a method on super():

class Sink: def __init__(self, basin, nozzle): self.basin = basin self.nozzle = nozzle class KitchenSink(Sink): def __init__(self, basin, nozzle, trash_compactor=None): super().__init__(basin, nozzle) if trash_compactor: self.trash_compactor = trash_compactor

Above we defined two classes. First, we defined a Sink class with a constructor that assigns a rinse basin and a sink nozzle to a Sink instance. Afterwards, we defined a KitchenSink class that inherits from Sink. KitchenSink‘s constructor takes an additional parameter, a trash_compactor. KitchenSink then calls the constructor for Sink with the basin and nozzle it received using the super() function, with this line of code:

super().__init__(basin, nozzle)

This line says: “call the constructor (the function called __init__()) of the class that is this class’s parent class.” In the example given, KitchenSink‘s constructor calls the constructor for Sink. In this way, we can override a parent class’s method to add some new functionality (like adding a trash_compactor to a sink), while still retaining the behavior of the original constructor (like setting the basin and nozzle as instance variables).



You’re invited to a potluck this week and decide to make your own special version of Potato Salad!

In script.py you’ll find a class called PotatoSalad, make a subclass of PotatoSalad called SpecialPotatoSalad.


Your special potato salad recipe is pretty similar to a regular potato salad, so let’s start with making that.

Create a new constructor for SpecialPotatoSalad that just calls the parent constructor for PotatoSalad. Make sure that SpecialPotatoSalad‘s constructor takes the same arguments as PotatoSalad.


The difference with your special potato salad is… you add raisins to it! You can’t remember when you started doing this, but Dolores always hoots about it at her potlucks and if that isn’t the nicest thing. You always use the full package of raisins for every potato salad you make, and each package has 40 raisins in it.

In your constructor for SpecialPotatoSalad, after making regular potato salad, set self.raisins = 40.

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