Not all of your arguments need to have default values. But Python will only accept functions defined with their parameters in a specific order. The required parameters need to occur before any parameters with a default argument.

# Raises a TypeError def create_user(is_admin=False, username, password): create_email(username, password) set_permissions(is_admin)

In the above code, we attempt to define a default argument for is_admin without defining default arguments for the later parameters: username and password.

If we want to give is_admin a default argument, we need to list it last in our function definition:

# Works perfectly def create_user(username, password, is_admin=False): create_email(username, password) set_permissions(is_admin)



In script.py the function get_id tries to define a parameter with a default argument before a required parameter.

Update the function signature of get_id so that website comes second and html_id comes first.

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