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Mixins and the & Selector

Mixin Facts

In general, here are 5 important facts about arguments and mixins:

  1. Mixins can take multiple arguments.
  2. Sass allows you to explicitly define each argument in your @include statement.
  3. When values are explicitly specified you can send them out of order.
  4. If a mixin definition has a combination of arguments with and without a default value, you should define the ones with no default value first.
  5. Mixins can be nested.

Here are some concrete examples of the rules:

@mixin dashed-border($width, $color: #FFF) { border: { color: $color; width: $width; style: dashed; } } span { //only passes non-default argument @include dashed-border(3px); } p { //passes both arguments @include dashed-border(3px, green); } div { //passes out of order but explicitly defined @include dashed-border(color: purple, width: 5px); }

In the example above, the color of the border of span elements would be white, the border of paragraph elements would be green, while the div elements would have a thicker purple border.

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