Nice. You just edited a file in the nano text editor. How does it work?

$ nano hello.txt

nano is a command line text editor. It works just like a desktop text editor like TextEdit or Notepad, except that it is accessible from the command line and only accepts keyboard input.

  1. The command nano hello.txt opens a new text file named hello.txt in the nano text editor.
  2. "Hello, I am nano" is a text string entered in nano through the cursor.
  3. The menu of keyboard commands at the bottom of the window allow us to save changes to hello.txt and exit nano. The ^ stands for the Ctrl key.

  4. Ctrl + O saves a file. 'O' stands for output.

  5. Ctrl + X exits the nano program. 'X' stands for exit.
  6. Ctrl + G opens a help menu.
  7. clear clears the terminal window, moving the command prompt to the top of the screen.

In this lesson, we'll use nano to implement changes to the environment. You can learn more about nano here.

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