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Aliases I

As we mentioned in the last exercise, you can add settings and commands that execute every time a new terminal session is started. One type of setting you can create is called an alias:

alias pd="pwd"

The alias command allows you to create keyboard shortcuts, or aliases, for commonly used commands.

Here, alias pd="pwd" creates the alias pd for the pwd command, which is then saved in the bash profile.

The pd alias will be available each time we open a new terminal session, and the output of pd will be the same as the pwd command.

source ~/.bash_profile will make the alias pd available in the current session.



Let’s continue configuring the environment by adding command aliases.

Open ~/.bash_profile in nano.


In ~/.bash_profile, on a new line, type:

alias pd="pwd"

Save the changes and exit out of nano.

Once you’ve exited nano and are back in the terminal, press the Enter key onto a new line.


To make the alias in the current terminal sessions, type

source ~/.bash_profile

Let’s try out the alias. Type:


You should see the same output as you would by typing the pwd command.

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