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Boundaries and Space


Nice work! You've learned a lot. Let's review the web and CSS concepts covered in this lesson.


Web Concepts

  • CSS Box Model: illustrates the space and boundary properties of an HTML element that can be controlled using CSS.

CSS Skills

  • border: sets the outline of an HTML page element, like a picture frame that contains the element.

  • padding: sets the amount of space between an element's content and its border.

  • margin: sets the amount of space between an HTML element and the next nearest element(s).

  • display: property that determines how the selected element will be arranged in relation to other HTML elements on the page.

  • inline: display value used to arrange HTML elements on the same line as neighboring elements.

  • flex: display value that allows us to easily align multiple page elements vertically or horizontally.

  • float: property used to float HTML elements left or right of neighboring elements.

  • position: property used to position HTML elements in exact locations on a webpage.

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