Advanced JSX

Variable Attributes in JSX

When writing JSX, it's common to use variables to set attributes.

Here's an example of how that might work:

// Use a variable to set the `height` and `width` attributes: const sideLength = "200px"; const panda = ( <img src="images/panda.jpg" alt="panda" height={sideLength} width={sideLength} /> );

Notice how in this example, the <img />'s attributes each get their own line. This can make your code more readable if you have a lot of attributes on one element.

Object properties are also often used to set attributes:

const pics = { panda: "http://bit.ly/1Tqltv5", owl: "http://bit.ly/1XGtkM3", owlCat: "http://bit.ly/1Upbczi" }; const panda = ( <img src={pics.panda} alt="Lazy Panda" /> ); const owl = ( <img src={pics.owl} alt="Unimpressed Owl" /> ); const owlCat = ( <img src={pics.owlCat} alt="Ghastly Abomination" /> );
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