Every component's props object has a property named children.

this.props.children will return everything in between a component's opening and closing JSX tags.

So far, all of the components that you've seen have been self-closing tags, such as <MyComponentClass />. They don't have to be! You could write <MyComponentClass></MyComponentClass>, and it would still work.

this.props.children would return everything in between <MyComponentClass> and </MyComponentClass>.

Look at BigButton.js. In Example 1, <BigButton>'s this.props.children would equal the text, "I am a child of BigButton."

In Example 2, <BigButton>'s this.props.children would equal a <LilButton /> component.

In Example 3, <BigButton>'s this.props.children would equal undefined.

If a component has more than one child between its JSX tags, then this.props.children will return those children in an array. However, if a component has only one child, then this.props.children will return the single child, not wrapped in an array.

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