Child Components Update Their Siblings' props

One Sibling to Display, Another to Change

One of the very first things that you learned about components is that they should only have one job.

In the last lesson, Child had two jobs:

1 - Child displayed a name.

2 - Child offered a way to change that name.

You should make like Solomon and divide Child in two: one component for displaying the name, and a different component for allowing a user to change the name.

In the code editor, select Child.js. Notice that these lines have vanished:

  Hey, my name is {this.props.name}! 

The new version of Child renders a dropdown menu for changing the name, and that's it.

Select Sibling.js in the code editor.

Read through the render function's return statement.

Here, the name is displayed! Or at least it will be displayed, once you've done a little editing.

That brings us to the essential new concept for this lesson: you will have one stateless component display information, and a different stateless component offer the ability to change that information.

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