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Mounting Lifecycle Methods


The first mounting lifecycle method is called componentWillMount.

When a component renders for the first time, componentWillMount gets called right before render.

Look at Example.js, and follow these steps:

  1. On lines 14-17, <Example /> is rendered for the first time. <Example />'s mounting period begins.
  2. <Example /> calls the first mounting lifecycle method, componentWillMount.
  3. componentWillMount executes, and an alert appears on the screen. (lines 5-7)
  4. After componentWillMount has finished, <Example /> calls the second mounting lifecycle method: render.
  5. <h1>Hello world</h1> appears on the screen (lines 9-11)
  6. Two seconds later, <Example /> renders again (lines 20-22). componentWillMount does NOT get called, because mounting lifecycle events only execute the first time that a component renders.

You can call this.setState from within componentWillMount!

Look at Example2.js for an example of this.setState inside of componentWillMount. See if you can follow how <Example2 /> would render <h1>Hello world</h1>.

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