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Handlebars block helpers

{{#blockName}} Block text content <p>An HTML paragraph element</p> {{/blockName}}

Handlebars comes with built-in block helpers which allow us to embed HTML or other expressions in between helper expression tags.

The starting expression of the block helper will have a # that appears before a keyword, and the ending expression will have a / followed by the same keyword to denote the end.

The Handlebars.js JavaScript Library

{{#blockName}} Block text content <p>An HTML paragraph element</p> {{/blockName}}

Handlebars.js is a Javascript library used to create reusable webpage templates. The templates are combination of HTML, text, and expressions. The expressions are included in the html document and surrounded by double curly braces.

These expressions are placeholders for content to be inserted by our Handlebars.js code in our js document. When the compiled templated function is called, values are substituted into the expressions.

Handlebars.js and the <script> Element

{{#blockName}} Block text content <p>An HTML paragraph element</p> {{/blockName}}

An HTML <script> element with type value of text/x-handelbars-template can be used to contain Handlebars.js template text and expressions. This allows writing Handlebars.js templates in an HTML document.

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