Conditionals & Logic

In this lesson, we will explore how programs make decisions by evaluating conditions and introduce logic into our code!

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Conditionals & Logic
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    Every program we've seen so far has only had one possible path of execution — they all execute line by line, from top to bottom. And every time you run one of those programs, it gives you the same ...

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    Before we dive deep into the syntax of the [...] statement, let's do a demo! Here, we have coinflip.cpp program that simulates a coin toss: - 50% of the time, it's Heads. - 50% of the ti...

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    An [...] statement is used to test an expression for truth and execute some code based on it. Here's a simple form of the [...] statement: [...] If the condition is [...] , then the *sta...

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    When writing conditional statements, sometimes we need to use different types of operators to compare values. These operators are called relational operators. To have a condition, we need relati...

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    We can also add an [...] clause to an [...] statement to provide code that will only be executed if the condition is [...] . Here's a form of an [...] statement that includes an [...] clau...

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    So what happens if you want more than two possible outcomes? This is where [...] comes in! [...] [...] [...] The [...] statement always comes after the [...] statement and before the...

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    Now that we know how [...] , [...] , [...] work, we can write programs that have multiple outcomes. Programs with multiple outcomes are so common that C++ provides a special statement for it......

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    Congratulations! Here are some of the major concepts: - An [...] statement checks a condition and will execute a task if that condition evaluates to true. - [...] / [...] statements make ...

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Conditionals & Logic

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