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C# Interface

interface IAutomobile { string LicensePlate { get; } double Speed { get; } int Wheels { get; } } // The IAutomobile interface has three properties. Any class that implements this interface must have these three properties. public interface IAccount { void PayInFunds ( decimal amount ); bool WithdrawFunds ( decimal amount ); decimal GetBalance (); } // The IAccount interface has three methods to implement. public class CustomerAccount : IAccount { } // This CustomerAccount class is labeled with : IAccount, which means that it will implement that interface.

In C#, an interface contains definitions for a group of related functionalities that a class can implement.

Interfaces are useful because they guarantee how a class behaves. This, along with the fact that a class can implement multiple interfaces, helps organize and modularize components of software.

It is best practice to start the name of an interface with “I”.

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