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    More Than Syntax

    Internalize new concepts with additional content and quizzes.

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    Learn the Right Language

    Paths show you where to start so you won’t waste time learning the wrong thing.

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    Boost Your Portfolio

    Build projects and get real-world experience.

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    More Flexibility

    Adjust your learning schedule around family, friends, and your job.

Practice That Fits Your Lifestyle

Learn on the web. Practice on the go. Pro lets you unlock more courses and unlimited practice and reviews in the Codecademy GO app. Quickly refresh your skills with new exercises and articles each day.

A Path That Works for You

You don't need to know all of a programming language to start using it. Paths show you where to start on day one and guide you through languages, projects, and practice to get you to your goal. You choose what you want (to learn a skill, build a thing, get qualified for a promotion) and we’ll get you there.

Coding is for everyone, and so are we

College is expensive. So are bootcamps. Not everyone can afford to quit their job to learn full-time. We're here to make coding more flexible and accessible so everyone has a chance to learn.

If you know how to read, you can learn to code.

  • "For the longest time I didn't consider myself a programmer and I always put coding on a pedestal. I was like, you need to be like super smart to know programming..."

    Patrick Stapleton Co-Founder of Y Combinator-backed

  • "I wanted to learn enough HTML and CSS to make custom edits on Squarespace sites for work...I fell in love and haven't gone a day without coding since."

    Jackson Hardy Founder of