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Paul Bauder

Boulder, CO

Paul Bauder

Boulder, CO

"At first, it may be intimidating to see all of the available courses. Pick a track that interests you and work through it at your own pace."

Paul Bauder didn't see a way to follow his friends progress on Codecademy. So, with his new skills, he set out to build his own user search tool.

You work as a web developer, but you joined Codecademy for Code Year. Why?

Code Year was a great opportunity to reinforce a number of programming concepts. I had had a good amount of experience working with HTML/CSS and JavaScript, but most of what I know about Python and Ruby has come out of Code Year.

What do you do as a developer?

My role is to code the functionality into the website, application, or tool working closely with the design and engineering teams. After a site launches I’m also responsible for maintaining the site, fixing bugs, and adding enhancements as requested.

You created an enhancement for us recently, Codecademy User Search. Tell us what how that came about.

I had seen a number posts on the discussion forums asking about social aspects of Codecademy, like making friends and following other users. So I mocked up a prototype Chrome extension that would track your progress and compare it to other users’. Then I created an icon sprite and started working on the next version of the extension.

What was your process like?

I started by first writing the HTML and CSS. I decided to use Twitter Bootstrap because I knew that Codecademy does, so it would help simplify some of the user interface.

After I had the HTML structure and style that I wanted, I started writing the JavaScript classes. I pulled out all of the user information retrieval logic into its own class to keep the model logic (ie. retrieving and organizing the data) separate from the view logic (ie. rendering the data) and the user interface events.

Very well done. Any advice for those just starting out?

I would say:

Pace yourself - At first, it may be intimidating to see all of the available courses. Pick a track that interests you and work through it at your own pace.

Stick with it - If you get caught up on a particular lesson or concept, take advantage of the Q&A sections and the discussion forums.

Ask questions -There is a growing community of Codecademy users of varying backgrounds and skill sets with the same questions and/or answers to those questions. We are all here to learn and help one another.

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